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Monday, October 3, 2011

Pugs not Drugs

I got the most unexpected package in the mail this week. I can rarely remember getting a gift in the mail so unexpectedly & let me tell you, it's the best! It was myriad of pug-related items that are so stinkin' cute (unless you are a certain friend of mine who hates pugs). My friend Hannah sent them to me from some design company she found online (Etsy, I'm guessing???). Anyway it was super fun & I hope you all see the joy I get from unexpected packages & start sending me cute things in the mail for no reason too.


Hannah said...

Brookie! I just found your new blog here and I've been catching up... I love that you love the random present in the mail! But honestly, who wouldn't love some randomness via snail mail.
I miss you!

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