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Monday, October 10, 2011

It Takes A Village (to get me to work)

So what have I been up to this week besides not posting on my blog? Well I've worked, hosted small group, helped with a training at our foster parent meeting, done a visit with Rachel's family, & attended a parade, but really all it feels like I have done is deal with my car.

 I have an ongoing car saga that began awhile back when I started to notice some "hiccups" & "jumps" in my car. I took it to the mechanic a few times... they drove it... nothing. Since it was occasional & nothing seemed to be breaking I just chalked it up to the fact that my car was getting older & decided not to worry about it.
Fast forward to last Sunday, my sister Emily & I were sitting at a stop light & my car starts sputtering & stuttering almost dies. I gave it some gas, it came back to life & everything was fine. Then on Tuesday I go from work about 30 minutes South to meet Rachel for a visit with her bio-family. We have a visit with the fam & drive the hour back to our house. We are at the stop light closest to our house when the car starts acting very strange. Every time I accelerate it almost dies. We jerkily ride home. I thank God for getting us perfectly home before we had these problems. I pull into the garage & call my mom to ask if she will drive the girls to school in the morning & then follow me to the mechanic. She agrees.

So Wednesday morning my mom follows me to the mechanic, the car drives fine on the way, I drop it off & my mom takes me out to her house to get my dad's truck to borrow. I drive it the 40 minutes to work. The thing's a gas-hog but I'm thankful dad was out of town so I could use it. I get a call from the mechanic, nothing is wrong with the car, it's driving like a dream. Ahhhhh!!!!!

Thursday morning I pick up my car, drive to & from work (40 minutes each way) & all goes well.

Friday morning I am almost to work when it begins again, the strange jerking & sputtering. I take a break from work & drive to the mechanic, it sputters all the way there. I get out & tell them to jump in the car quick to feel the problem.... nothing. We drive for 15 minutes, it goes smoothly, the mechanic says my car is "shy." I can think of a few other choice words for my car. He explains the car computer system won't always indicate when a part is wearing out or glitching until it actually breaks. I'm about ready to call myself crazy when halleluiah!!, the check engine light comes on (never thought I'd be so thrilled about that)! The code reads that it might be the ignition coil which seems to match the symptoms. They have to order the part. So I hitch a ride home from someone after work & try to rearrange the plans for my 3-day weekend minus a car.

Can I just say that my mom has been the sweetest mom/grandma ever this week? She drove Rachel & I all over the place, even though my dad was gone & she had lots of extra duties. Also about 3 friends have already given Rachel & I rides & Tess even let me borrow her car Saturday night. Also I'm a little bit happy to be stranded at home, so I can catch up on my blogging of course :-)


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