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Friday, September 16, 2011

Dinner Among Friends

Due to being a bit under the weather this week I am just now writing about last Saturday night when we celebrated my friend Jessica's birthday. It was blustery & coolish after a week of over- due summer heat. We ate dinner outside, a bit of Fall chill in the air, a twilight dinner with laughter & lots of yummy end of summer food. We indulged in cheeses, beautiful salads, little meatball sliders with fresh Parmesan, caprese, fresh fruit, & wine, always great Paso Robles wine.

As it got dark the candles lit the boisterous conversation. We got to tell the stories we don't normally have time for, laugh louder than usual (blame it on the wine), & enjoy the relaxation that comes from being friends for awhile. Most of all we got to celebrate my friend Jessica who is only 25 but who often surprises me in her wisdom, grace, strength & talents. She is a beautiful friend in every way, honest, caring, kind, tender & strong. Jess & her husband have been through a difficult few years so I have seen her character stretched in ways no human hopes to be tested. I have seen God's faithfulness & love for her & through her during all of this & there are few people I could compliment so highly. It's God's doing though, that's what makes it so wonderful. I am thankful to call Jess my friend, along with all the other people from my small group I was able to enjoy in the last light of that Saturday evening. These are some of my favorite nights, unfettered time, good company, good drink, good food.


Brian & Mary Hand said...

I love that I know a good number of faces in these pictures. Beautiful setting and sounds like beautiful fellowship. Not much tops the richness times like these.

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